We are proud to partner with MyEqualitee.com to host and sell their official apparel. Thier philosophy is simple: we are all the same. The human race is one collective. When one of us are in pain, we all feel it. When one of us progresses or grows, we all elevate. If I had your experiences I’d be you and if you had mine, you’d be me. They choose not to judge someone for how they handle life, or for their outward appearance and lead with love. And if you don thier attire, you do too. Your energy has led you here. The same energy that this design was built on.


All shirts are Michigan Made and proceeds will benefit Unity.org. A non-profit organization that promotes unity through spiritual healing and acceptance! 


Dad Hats are Champion brand and also made here in the Mitten!

EQUAL i/T/ T-Shirts

$20.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price